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Our manufacturer is a leading custom job shop, with state-of-the-art capabilities that include stamping, fabricating, and machining. They manufacture precision metal work for a wide variety of industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Computer and Food.


Today's technologies produce ever increasing demands for precision metal parts. Our manufacturer meets those demands. They are a manufacturer of precision metal work for various industries; Automotive, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Computer and Food, just to name a few. They vigorously pursue new solutions to problems by applying one or more of their capabilities to achieve the clients' desired results.



Since 1968, our manufacturer has been committed to designing and building tools to produce precision metal stampings.

Their staff of tool and diemakers work from client designs and specifications developing ideas and concepts into metal parts and products.

They manufacture stampings for a wide spectrum of applications from automotive, to food, to electronics.

Punch pressing ranging from 20 ton to 500 ton, from 25 strokes per minute to 600 strokes per minute, produce precision parts for a wide variety of clients. They are proud of their reputation as makers of precision tooling and stampings.



Our manufacturer's Fabrication Department utilizes state of the art equipment to produce highly accurate products.

Steel, Aluminum, Copper and other metals and plastics are cut, shaped, and formed into some of today's most intricate fabrications.

Eight CNC Turret presses, one 2000 watt laser and one 2600 watt laser insure precise cutting and stamping with minimal tooling expense. A variety of press brakes ranging from 20 ton up to 200 ton form exacting bends, utilizing CNC controls and auto back gauges.

Secondary operations, i.e. Tig Welding, Spot Welding, Robotic Welding, Tapping, Polishing, and Hardware Insertion finish the requirements called for in a fabricated part.

As you can see, our manufacturer offers excellent Fabrication capability, and can handle the most intricate requirements.


Throughout our manufacturer's history the highest priority has always been placed on their investment in quality people, our manufacturer's most valuable resource.

The expertise of the men and women that perform their daily duties lies in their belief in the ability to produce quality products.

Our manufacturer's employees have been trained in Total Quality Management methods. Their dedication to continuous improvement and total client satisfaction drive our complete quality system.

Operators are highly trained, dedicated individuals utilizing the best equipment available, incorporating Statistical Process Control throughout the manufacturing process.

Backing up these operators is a trained quality control staff who's focus is on the prevention of defects by implementation of programs such as QS-9000, ISO 9002, and Systems with Quality Improvements.

State of the art equipment such as a DCC CMM (both contact and non-contact type measuring systems), and sophisticated, highly accurate gauges which routinely measure in the millionths of an inch complement our staff.

Training, both in new equipment and modern techniques is an ongoing process. Staff is dedicated and committed to quality. They work hard to meet client's expectations.

Quality Control


As one of the nation's leading metal manufacturing companies, each day talented and creative craftsmen utilize advanced technology and machine tools to produce quality metal products in the most cost efficient manner.

They are specialists in Stamping, Fabricating, and Machining, just to mention a few of the capabilities they provide in a total manufacturing environment.

Highly skilled craftsmen offer their expertise in these operations.

  • Design 
  • Toolmaking 
  • Fabrication 
  • Stamping 
  • Machining 
  • Tig Welding 
  • Spot Welding 
  • Hardware Insertion 
  • Robotic Welding 
  • Polishing 
  • Deburring 
  • Assembly

Robotic Welding


Our manufacturer has an experienced, well-equipped, precision machining department.

Eight CNC machining centers and two CNC lathes offer the capacity and versatility needed to produce the most intricate of designs.

They often perform massive hog outs in mild steel and aluminum, producing intricate forms precisely to specification. They also machine extrusions, castings, and forgings to exacting tolerances.

Custom machining is an integral part of their growing business, and one of the key disciplines of their total manufacturing facility.

CNC Machining


Our manufacturer's Assembly Department adds a new dimension to the variety of services offered to our clients.

Products are precisely assembled and tested to client specifications.

They assemble both mechanical and electro mechanical units as well as providing kitting and shipping services.

Our manufacturer offers the advantages of our technical expertise and client service to provide you with turnkey solutions to enhance your competitiveness in today's market.



Our manufacturer's CAD/CAM systems make it easy to transfer your designs.

Chances are your mainframe or PC CAD system will interface via modem with their CAD IGES (initial graphics exchange software) or DXF database.

Their CAM capabilities allow us to go quickly and accurately from CAD design to a machine program electronically - whether it be stampings, machining or sheet metal fabrication.

They can also convert your 3 dimensional parts drawings or diskettes to flat blank layouts to produce highly accurate fabricated sheet metal products.

From data or design, they will transfer your specifications to our Turret Presses, Laser, and Fabrivision Inspection System quickly and accurately, utilizing their DNC capabilities. 


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